Why I love photographing families…. For me, being witness to all that love, laughter, affection and chaos is like finding a special treasure, I want nothing more than to capture every little bit of that familys essence and happiness. Every single family session I photograph is completely different and I love it even more when fur babies are involved!


Weddings are truly one of lifes magic moments! There is so much emotion all around and people seem to really put away their differences and come together to celebrate as a family.

Being surrounded by all that love and warmth is something I really enjoy. The way a mom’s eyes mist up when she sees her son all grown up ready to start his own family, that instant when a dad realises that his little girl is not so little anymore, the first kiss between a married couple!

What can I say – I am a hopeless romantic at heart and really enjoy being part of someone’s special day. There is always something going on and each wedding I photograph is different from the previous one.

I get to spend the day capturing romance, laughter, joy, anticipation, excitement, and many other photographic moments for my clients. Im so lucky!

Children and babies

Every child is different and Im a firm believer that kids need to let their personality shine, get the silly out and just plain have fun!